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"We believe that the essence of our Business Activity lies in the manufacturing & supplying of Quality Products at perfect time of deliveries," which in turn creates value for the customer and satisfaction. Since its inception due to its guiding principle, enabling the Company to satisfy all its customers worldwide.

The Company is constantly exploring possibilities to consolidate its presence and deliver value to its customer.

All members at SABGARD PHARMACEUTICALS are individually and collectively committed to deliver the best in products and services offered in order to satisfy every customer need through constant innovation, dedication, and providing a healthy work environment for all, adopting the best in International practices.


It is worthy to mention that our products are from a WHO-GMP Standards facilities and also having other regulatory specifications of different governing bodies, both National and International.

Quality has always been a strong part of concern for Sabgard Pharmaceuticals. Care is taken to ensure a high level of safety, quality and efficacy into our products and services.


High quality – low-cost manufacturing
• Infrastructure – Manufacturing Facilities designed and validated to international standards
• Self-sufficient capacities – to manufacture quality products
• Impeccable supply chain efficiency – to deliver products on time, every time
• Truth and Integrity – providing quick and accurate information to customers


Herbals Powders

Pharmaceuticals Formulation

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